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This garage gave me notice of other problems occurring with my Ford Windstar and included the cost for further repair. Excellent Service!!!

– Manuel 

2 years ago I had a problem with my computer in my Toyota. 3 other garages including a Toyota dealership couldn’t find a problem. Quick six auto found the problem and at half the cost, will be a returning for future repairs I finally found a good mechanic I'm so happy. :)

– Rachael

I know Michael the owner for years, don't let the small shop fool you this guy knows his stuff my 2008 dodge ram 1500 had a ABS/Traction control light issue I took it to a Chrysler dealer all they did was charge me over $500 and told me they needed more time to find the problem, in other words come back and spend more money. Took it to mike and he found the problem quite quick. this guy knows his stuff will always be a costumer and friend!!!!!!

-- Steve

Had Michael put in a new engine in my 04 Mazda 3 I haven't seen someone put so much attention to detail while working on my car, he was friendly and very knowledgeable, will be returning and telling others.

-- Chris

I took my 2008 Ford F-150 to several shops like Midas, Canadian tire & The Tire warehouse they all told me to take it to ford because its a complicated job to do and we don't do it. Ford told me it would cost me over $4,000 to repair a timing chain issue that I had. A friend recommended Quick Six Automotives, Mike the owner told me no problem just drop it off and I'll take care of it, Mike gave me an estimate of $2,600 almost half of what ford was charging and it was done really fast too... I will always recommend Mike to all family and friends he knows his stuff that's for sure.

-- Tony A

Brought my 2005 Subaru WRX STI for a engine noise, Michael found the problem and repaired it fast, he also notified me abought future repair he found that I need down the road. The number one thing that I like was Michael did not try to up sell me on repairs and telling me its got to be done ASAP, he just told me save some money on the side for the repair and when you have time just book it in and I'll get it done for you. Michael is well knowledgeable and will take time explaining the problem to you.. I will always recommend Michael to everyone that I know

-- Amy W 

My 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP was leaking oil so I took it to OK Tire they told me it needed a engine oil pan, power steering rack & power steering pump that totaled to $3000. I took it to Michael he told me all it needs is a valve cover gaskets & a coolant by-pass tube that is very common on these cars. The quote that Michael gave me was less then half that OK Tire was gonna charging, I was like OMG really I was so happy. He fix it and washed the engine & the entire car very professorial. and best of all no more leaks. I will be a life time customer, If your like me its hard to find a honest & good mechanic I consider Michael to be a blessing that I found him, give him a chance I promise you'll be happy with his work.

--Melissa C